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QR code access control solution

With the development of smart access control, especially the use of QR code as the “unlock key” has become a popular trend, providing users with more convenient services, eliminating the need to carry access control cards and so on. Therefore, embedded modules have been widely used in smart access control projects.

At present, most of the QR code scanning modules used in smart access control use embedded modules, which have powerful performance and can easily read QR codes on screens, paper, plastic cards and other media. The barcode has a perfect integrated design, requires only a small installation space, is lightweight, and can be easily embedded into various access control equipment. Effectively improve the work efficiency of personnel access control management, and also greatly improve the user’s entry and exit experience.

1.Mobile phone 2D code access control system Schematic diagram


  1. No need a card, the door can be opened with the mobile phone, saving a lot of card purchase costs.
  2. Totinfo QR reader module support AUTO, Wiegand 26, Wiegand 34, Wiegand 64, Wiegand 66 and custom Wiegand.
  3. The QR code is generated by the access control software, door opening authority is flexibly set.
  4. The QR code door will also have records and can be queried!

TOTINFO embedded QR code scanner can quickly read the the QR code data on the mobile phone, paper and card with different print contrasts, colors and reflections.
For access control use, E21W1, E200, E200Z are highly recommended.
Besides QR code, if still need to read the 13.56Mhz NFC card, the E200N is perfect.
All these 4 bar code scanner modules are equipped with superior lens, advanced decode algorithms and high performance system, they can easily and fast read any challenging barcodes in any lighting conditions like at dim underground or under bright sunlight.

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