OEM Barcode Scanner

TOTINFO OEM mini size barcode scan engine for all kinds of handheld scanner,POS/PDA terminal integration.

  • E410 is our only one 1D scan engine for reading all major 1D barcodes with a CCD sensor and powerful processor at the size of 22.5(L)*11.6(W) *8.3(D)mm.
  • E470 the entry-level 2D scan engine with small size of 28(L)×12(w)×14.55(D)mm perfectly for portable 1D and 2D scanning devices, kiosks. E471 is with megapixel sensor, superior decoding the dense and damaged barcodes of various sizes and qualities.
  • E483 the 2D scan module is with a laser diode 650nm aimer makes it ideal for portable scanning devices like PDA/POS devices, users can easily point to the barcode and 2D code to fast and accurately read. E480 is without the laser diode 650nm aiming, suit for the applications which don’t need it. E480 is with Red LED (625±10nm).
  • N660 launched in 2020, the smallest size 2D scanner engine with excellent decoding performance at lower power consumption, specially for the battery devices. Easily decode the poor quality damaged, long dense and wrinkled bar code and 2D code.
  • N670 is 1280*800 the megapixel scanner engine.

Fixed Mount Barcode Scanner

  • TF540 and TF540H are designed for small space installation project, can be used as a standalone scanner or installed into the most space-constrained self-service kiosks, vending machines, smart terminals, etc.
  • TF540 is 640*480 pixel, quick and accurate reading the high-density barcode and 2D code, such as USA driver’s license PDF417.
  • TF540H is 1280*800pixel For decoding much more difficult and dense code such as QR code on the Indian ID card.
  • TF540H-OCR It’s the OCR code and QR/1D/2D code combo reader, can read the machine-readable passport, ID Cards conforming to ICAO Document 9303, such as European national ID cards and also EU Green Pass QR Code, etc.

Embedded Barcode Scanner

TOTINFO embedded scanner modules are designed for use in many applications.

  • E21W/E21W1 are widely installed in the bus validators for E-ticket payment solutions, compact size footprint space integration requires.
  • E200/E200Z newly launched at 2021, perfect for access control QR Code reading, turnstile, smart courier, self-service fresh food vending machines, etc.                     LED brightness of E200/E200Z can be set as you need, can even work really well in dim and dark environment such as underground metro stations. E200Z is without glass, can be embedded under the device with glass. The E200 is with glass cover. 
  • E29/E290 is specially designed for fast speed needs with mobility max 2m/s, Interval 0.2s, 100% reading successfully. Apply for use in the smart shopping cart at the supermarket.
  • E28 TOTINO hot selling long-distance scanner modules for parking lot and toll gate device use. Can read the mobile screen 1D and 2D code QR at the distance from 30cm – 200cm. We have cooperated with many parking solution companies.
  • E200N combines 13.56Mhz NFC and 1D barcode 2D code reading, integration to access control applications, terminals, etc.

Handheld Barcode Scanner

The wired hand held 2D scanner Bee2 read 1D and 2D codes on paper, mobile screen and package for retail and commercial. Such as the Data Matrix Code on cigarettes box and wine labels etc.

H2B the cordless bluetooth portable scanner power supplied by 2000mAh lithium battery capable of 24 hours working per scan at 10s after 2hours charging. Besides Bluetooth, H2B can also be connected via USB cable and 2.4G wireless dongle.

Both Bee2 and H2B have 1280*800 pixel versions.

Desktop Barcode Scanner

D2 is the hands-free table 2D reader for checkout counter use, give store staff the ability to provide great customer service. Fast response sensor makes D2 decode all bar codes on product package, phone screen and paper. It’s the perfect solution for POS system in retail, shopping mall and pharmacy.
DCS10 is for general use as a table scanner, easily and accurately capture 1D/2D barcodes on label, mobile phone and LCD screen. 
DCS20 is the scanner with multiple functions, you can choose to have the bluetooth connection, NFC card reading, with battery or not, choose the USB  or RS232 type-c cable.

ID Card Passport OCR MRZ Scanner

Year 2020, TOTINFO developed the combined scanner to read the OCR/ MRZ code on ID card&passport and 1D barcode, QR code.
Mini size OEM QR,PDF417&OCR scan engine: N670-OCR, E471-OCR.
Hand held QR,PDF417&OCR scanner: Bee2H, H2BH.
Fixed mount type QR,PDF417&OCR scanner: TF540H
Table type QR,PDF417&OCR scanner: DCS10-OCR. The DCS20 only can read the ID card, not the passport.

QR & NFC Card Combined Scanner

E200N and DCDS20N combines the 13.56Mhz NFC and 1D barcode 2D code reading functions for integration to access control applications, smart terminals.

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