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Hand Terminal QR Code Module For PDA/POS | E483

The 2D scan module with cross laser aimer replace for scan engines like SE3307,SE3300,NLS-EM3396,N3680,N4680,NLS-EM3296

E483 PDA POS USE Bar code Scan Engine

The E483 is same compact size design as E480 but with laser aimer accurately position reading, perfectly use in hand held terminals like PDA, POS, glove scanner or small portable device.
E483 is excellent in decoding in even Poor Quality 1d and 2d bar code includes Aztec and Maxicode, GS1-Databar, QR, Dot code etc

Sensor Capability
Image Sensor0.3M Pixels,640 X 480 CMOS1M Pixels,1280 X 800 CMOS
Acquisition speed120fps60fps
Field of ViewDiagonal 52°,Horizontal 42°,Vertical 32°Diagonal 48.7°,Horizontal 42°,Vertical 27°
Scan Capability
Scan Precision2D≥5mil,1D≥4mil
Depth of FieldTesting ConditionE483 DoFE481 DoF
Code 39 4mil 40~120mm 60~160mm
Code 39 5mil
Code 128 5mil30~170mm40~230mm
Code 39 5mil30~160mm45~200mm
Code 39 20mil60~320mm70~420mm
100% UPCA40~290mm55~310mm
EAN13 13mil
PDF417 5mil30~120mm40~220mm
PDF417 6.67mil
Data Matrix 10mil20-100mm35-210mm
QR Code 15mil
QR Code 20mil30~210mm35~340mm
Scan AngleRoll 360°,Pitch ± 55°,Skew ± 55°
Symbologies 1D:UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-8, EAN-13, ISBN, Code 128, GS1 128,
ISBT 128, Code 39, Code93,Code 11, Interleaved 2 of 5,
Industrial 2 of 5,Matrix 25, Standard 25, Codabar,
OCR-A, OCR-B(*Customized Version)
Minimum Symbol Contrast20%
IlluminationWhite LED
Laser Aiming
AimerLaser Diode 650nm
InterfaceUART, USB
CableFlexible Flat Cable(FFC)
Scan ModeTrigger mode /command mode /sense mode
Screw Holes2 screws with diameter 1.6mm, depth 2mm; Recommend to use M1.6mm Machine Screws. Two M1.6mm threaded screws, locked depth is not more than 2mm
Operating Temperature-30℃ ~ 70℃
Storage Temperature-40℃ ~ 80℃
Humidity 5% ~ 95%(non-condensing)
Ambient LightMax.100,000 Lux
Input Voltage3.3V±0.3V
E483: <190mAE481:<230mA
E483 Hand Terminal QR Code Module
Hand Terminal QR Code Module For PDAPOS E483 (2)

PIN Definition

NoPINSignal TypeDescription
1NCEmpty PIN, reserve
2VDDPower3.3V power supply
4RXInputUART receives,TTL Level
5TXOutputUART Send,TTL Level
6D-Bi-directional DifferenceUSB D-Signal
7D+Bi-directional DifferenceUSB D+ Signal
8NCEmpty PIN, reserve
9BUZOutputBeeper Signal Output(High Level is Valid)
Need External Drive
10LEDOutputLED Signal Output(High Level is Valid)
Need External Driver
11NCEmpty PIN
12nTRIGInputTrigger Signal Inputs, Low Level is Valid

Testing Video

Click the video to watch its excellent performance to read different bar codes

Integration Support

Integration Accessories

We will provide 3D drawing, hardware development manual FFC cables,transfer boards,Screws free which will support you to easy and quick installation. And also will provide USB/RS232 EVK board if you need to test on computer. Please specific your requirements before placing the order.

Setting Codes and parameter command Programming

It’s easy to set the configs of our scanner modules by only need to scan the according setting code from TOTINFO software development manual, and also support parameter command control the scanner settings like LED On/Off, enable/end reading by sending parameters from host computer.

· hidpos sdk
· USB UART sdk
· UART sdk

· hidpos sdk

· hidpos sdk (C C#)
· uart sdk (C C#)
· hidpos sdk (java)
· uart sdk (java)

Second development SDK support

The Windows (C++/C#), Linux, Android (Java), Python can be provided to you for second development, Please feel free to contact us.

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