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OEM 2D scan engine superior decoding with laser Diode Aimer | E4760

Replace for 2D scanner module like NLS-N1,SE4770, SE4760, SE4720, SE47610, N3601,N3603,N3680 etc


OEM 2d scan engine E4760 Perfect for Small Dimension Integration

E4760 is only 21.5mm*10.3mm*8mm, easily for integrating into portal terminals like PDA, POS,Tablet, Notebook,glove and ring scanner, etc.
With the industry leading decoding algorithm, the E4760 scan module can decode all 1D and 2D code even they are long and high density with large angle and any depth of field.
The low power consumption (Current@3.3VDC Standby) makes it the ideal choice for portable solutions.

OEM 2D scan engine E4760 perfect for small dimension Integration.The new 2D QR code scanner is with the most advanced CMOS technology to achieve high resolution and fast reading speed,which achieves a better performance of industrial automation, 
vending machine,and point of sale applications.

Offering up to 120FPS scanning, the E4760 is ideal for large-scale retail businesses that need to process customer purchases quickly.

Testing Video

Click the video to watch its excellent performance to read different bar codes

Integration Support

Integration Accessories

We will provide 3D drawing, hardware development manual FFC cables,transfer boards,Screws free which will support you to easy and quick installation. And also will provide USB/RS232 EVK board if you need to test on computer. Please specific your requirements before placing the order.

Setting Codes and parameter command Programming

It’s easy to set the configs of our scanner modules by only need to scan the according setting code from TOTINFO software development manual, and also support parameter command control the scanner settings like LED On/Off, enable/end reading by sending parameters from host computer.

· hidpos sdk
· USB UART sdk
· UART sdk

· hidpos sdk

· hidpos sdk (C C#)
· uart sdk (C C#)
· hidpos sdk (java)
· uart sdk (java)

Second development SDK support

The Windows (C++/C#), Linux, Android (Java), Python can be provided to you for second development, Please feel free to contact us.

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