Long distance QR code Module for parking lot | E28

Long distance QR scanner fast scan phone screen barcode for parking lot or highway toll station payment.

E28 80cm-200cm Long Distance 2D Scanning Module

With the development technology , especially the popularization of 5G, the management mode of parking lot tends to be more and more smart and humanized. In the past, the traditional charging mode on parking lots and highways had disadvantages such as slow efficiency and easy congestion, which plagued more and more drivers.
The normal barcode reader only can read the bar code and 2D code at the distance less than 60cm.

TOTINFO is committed to solving these problems for traditional parking lots, we developed a long-distance scanning module E28 which can easily fast decode the phone QR code at the distance of 80cm – 200cm even in dark and luminous environments, help the users quickly complete the entry and exit control.

Acquisition Performance
SensorImage Type,CMOS Sensor
Acquisition Speed1/72 fps
FOVDiagonal 56°,Level 50°,Vertical 30°
Reading Performance
Reading ModeBarcode close to the scanner carema
Depth of fieldTest conditionsDepth of field
WeChat、Alipay payment codes20cm - 130 cm
Scan Angle Roll 360°,Pitch ± 55°,Skew ± 55°
Support code Payment codes of QR Code, Code128,etc.
Fill lightWhite
Physical Parameter
Socket12PIN cable socket, 1.25mm Pitch
Interface12PIN 0.5mm Pitch FPC socket,up and down compatible.
Power supply all 3-3.6V or 3.6-16V
Scanning ModeCommand Mode/Sense Mode/Trigger Mode
LED light promptBlue: standby condition; Red:Waiting to read condition;
Green:successful read condition
Buzzer promptYes
Cable(optional)USB 2m cable、RS232 2m cable
Extensible interfacesBuzzer、Successful Prompt light、Trigger signal
Environmental Parameter
Operating Temperature-20℃ ~ 55℃
Storage Temperature-40℃ ~ 80℃
Humidity5% ~ 95% RH (non-condensing)
Ambient LightMax.100,000 Lux
Electrical Parameter
Input voltage3-3.6V or 3.6-16V
Operating Current<200mA(3.3V input),<150mA(5V input)
Low Power Current< 5mA
Fixed hole4 directly 3.3mm fixed holes
Screw hole2 M3*5mm copper nut
E28 interface
12 pin 1.25mm cable interface
No.PinSignal typedescription
1VINPower3.6~16V(contain 5V) Power supply
2VD33Power3.0~3.6V(contain 3.3V)Power supply
4RXDInputTTL serial port to receive,3.3Vor 5V
Determined by the external pull-up
5TXDOutputTTL serial port to send,3.3V or 5V
Determined by the external pull-up
6D-double directed differenceUSB cable negative
7D+double directed differenceUSB cable positive
8A BidirectionalRS485 A signal
9B BidirectionalRS485 B signal
10TXD-232OutputRS232 serial port to send
11nTRIGInputTrigger signal input,
low level effective level (3.3 V)
12RXD-232InputRS232 serial port to receive
12 pin 1.25mm cable interface
No.PinSignal typedescription
1VINPower3.6~16V(contain 5V)Power supply
2VD33Power3.0~3.6V(Include 3.3V)Power supply
4RXDInputTTL serial port to receive,3.3V or 5V
Determined by the external pull-up
5TXDOutputTTL serial port to send,3.3V or 5V
Determined by the external pull-up
6D-double directed differenceUSB D- signal
7D+double directed differenceUSB D+ signal
9BUZOutputBuzzer letter output pulse width (2.8 V level), external drive
10LEDOutputLight signal output (2.8V level, high effective), external drive
12nTRIGInputTrigger signal input, low level effective level

J1 socket is 12 pin 0.5 mm spacing FPC socket, both the front and compatible, models for FH34SRJ 12 s – 0.5 – SH

E28 Long Range Embedded Reader Connector

The flexible cable
12 pin of flexible cable interface requirements in accordance with the socket specification or reference is as follows:

E28 Long Range Embedded Reader Connector-2
Size Chart
Relevant graphics can provide CAD drawings, this article does not indicate tolerance: +0.2 mm
Long Distance Qr Code Module For Parking Lot | E28

Testing Video

Click the video to watch its excellent performance to read different bar codes

Integration Support

Long Distance Qr Code Module For Parking Lot | E28

Integration Accessories

We will provide 3D drawing, hardware development manual FFC cables,transfer boards,Screws free which will support you to easy and quick installation. And also will provide USB/RS232 EVK board if you need to test on computer. Please specific your requirements before placing the order.

Setting Codes and parameter command Programming

It’s easy to set the configs of our scanner modules by only need to scan the according setting code from TOTINFO software development manual, and also support parameter command control the scanner settings like LED On/Off, enable/end reading by sending parameters from host computer.
Long Distance Qr Code Module For Parking Lot | E28

· hidpos sdk
· USB UART sdk
· UART sdk

· hidpos sdk

· hidpos sdk (C C#)
· uart sdk (C C#)
· hidpos sdk (java)
· uart sdk (java)

Second development SDK support

The Windows (C++/C#), Linux, Android (Java), Python can be provided to you for second development, Please feel free to contact us.

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