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TOTINFO was founded in 2012 in Fuzhou City, China by a group of proficient and dynamic professionals in ADIC (Auto Identification and Data Collection) industry. With years of accumulated experience and strong technical support, Totinfo Tech has been rapidly growing its ADIC business. Based on our own 1D and 2D software, hardware technology with proprietary intellectual property rights, we produce cost effective 1D and 2D barcode scan engines and scanners. Our barcode scanners have been widely used in O2O, mobile payment and intelligent manufacturing. We aim to provide an overall ADIC solution for industries such as bank, financial, insurance, hospital, logistic and enterprises etc.

25 Years

AIDC R&D and Engineering

10 Years

Manufacturing & Production –


Intellectual Property Rights

1D, 2D, OCR and NFC

Flexible Software Support

The company vision of Totinfo Tech

We strive to achieve win-win success with customers through a cutting edge technology. Totinfo values customer satisfaction, we commit to no compromised quality management. our professional team will provide the best efforts to ensure every single production process is well on running. Our solid technical experience and management skills are the best assurances to the product quality and reliability to our partners.

Totinfo Quality and Service Management System

Totinfo is a ISO9001 approved certification company, established its quality system infrastructure to implement the quality management.

The Certificates of Totinfo Tech

The Certificates of ToTINFO
From 2013 to 2022, Totinfo had obtained total 25 patents of “The internet of Things” applications software copyright.
In 2016-2021, Totinfo keep be awarded the Fujian Science and Technology Enterprise and China National High-Tech Enterprise by Fujian Government. Also, Totinfo barcode scanners have been issued the certificates of CE, FCC, RoHs.
In 2021, 5 patents in invention and 3 patent in design have been approved.
TOTINFO will keep in non-stop research in barcode reading technology, more patent files (including invention and design) have been prepared and will apply for the approval in this year.

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